Box 40 to 50 m³ (16 to 20 m²)

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from 215 € TTC / month

To store the equivalent of a 4 to 5 room apartment including appliances and storage boxes. Perfect surface for permanent archive storage companies, etc.

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16m2, 17m2, 18m2, 19m2, 20m2


40m3, 41m3, 42m3, 43m3, 44m3, 45m3, 46m3, 47m3, 48m3, 49m3, 50m3

2 reviews for Box 40 to 50 m³ (16 to 20 m²)

  1. Kelly

    Very kind, very understandable if there is a problem, not too expensive and in a pretty good location.

  2. Oliver

    +++ welcome, available and professional staff, convenient to be able to go there at any time.

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