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About self-storage

Self-storage is a concept that allows individuals and businesses to rent storage space to store their goods. Unlike traditional furniture storage, self-storage offers great flexibility in terms of rental duration, size of storage space and access to the box.

Self-storage spaces are generally individual, secure and ventilated boxes, which are rented to customers to store goods such as furniture, archives, sports or leisure equipment, etc. Customers can access their storage as needed, typically 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Self-storage has become very popular in large cities where storage space is limited and rents are high. It is also very popular with businesses that need additional storage space for their stock of goods or for their archives.

Self-storage offers several advantages, including great flexibility in terms of rental duration and size of storage space, great security for stored goods thanks to sophisticated security systems, and easier accessibility with storage spaces. storage located in convenient and easily accessible locations.

  • Free your offices from cumbersome archives.
  • Temporarily store your furniture between two homes, during work or during a move.
  • Store your personal belongings during the seasonal rental of your house or apartment.
  • Store your inventory, miscellaneous items or commercial surplus.
  • Create a temporary deposit for your pre- or end-of-season items.

The different self-storage spaces

CLASSE BOX presents the different means of self-storage that exist. We currently only offer boxes and warehouses. The other storage spaces are shown just to help you store your belongings otherwise.

BOX self-storage


  • The box to store your goods in self-storage and in complete safety with access 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Security cameras are present inside the building and also outside with integrated lighting.
  • The advantages of the storage box are its ease of access and its different size possibilities.
  • A goods lift is available for the boxes located upstairs.
  • The boxes are clean, sheltered from heat and humidity, the place being well insulated.
BOX self-storage

The warehouse, shed or barn

  • The warehouse to start an activity or for professionals needing to store a large quantity of inventory.
  • Secured thanks to video surveillance and an automatic gate with code.
  • It is very easy to access thanks to its large doors allowing large vehicles to enter.
  • In a clean, lit and well-insulated building.
  • With ample outdoor parking.

The garage

  • Often used to park your vehicle, the garage can also allow you to store your belongings under cover.
  • It is very similar to the storage unit, with the difference of its direct access from the outside or from an underground parking lot. Its size, allowing just one car to be parked, varies little from one garage to another.
Self-storage container
Self-storage container

The container

  • A container or container is a metal box designed primarily for the transport of goods. Its dimensions are standardized.
  • This room can be used to store goods and access them directly from a parking lot.
  • Being transportable, it has the advantage of being able to easily be changed location if necessary.

The cellar

  • For individuals, the cellar is often used to store food reserves, wine, wood, or belongings.
  • For professionals, the cellar may be essential for aging wine (wine cellar) or cheese for example.
  • If the cellar has advantages, it can also have disadvantages such as problems with humidity, mold or even the presence of small animals. You will not have these disadvantages with the storage boxes that we offer.

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